Hi All!

   This question will sound a little nutty but I'll explain my reasoning...


Currently we have a trip planned for April 2011. With a little luck (and pixie dust lol) I will be pregnant by then and not sure if I will be up to walking all day. Hubby and I had the idea to rent a wheelchair for the week,( if I am in fact lucky enough to be carrying a little blessing in my tummy) in case I can't manage to waddle around all day..


With that preface, here's my question( actually 2):


1. Have any of you ever rented from the outside companies I see advertise wheelchair and stroller rentals for WDW? Is there a week long rate if you rent from Disney?


2. Here's the real question: If we rent a wheelchair and I don't want to use it all day, can I leave it parked in one of the wheelchair/stroller parking areas outside attractions and then hubby can grab it if I need it or is it best to just go pick it up if I need it?


I KNOW  that probably sounds silly but I had to ask as I have never tried to plan a trip considering pregnancy



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If you rent from Disney it is on a first come basis and they only rent by the day. You must also leave the chair at the park. It can not be taken from park to park.

We have rented from a scooter for my wife for every trip since 2001. We have rented from Randy's Mobility for every trip. He will drop off and pick up at the resorts and his prices are very good. He rents both scooters and wheel chairs.

As far as leaving the chair outside of the attractions as long as you have your name on it I don't think there would be a problem, People leave strollers and chairs in the attraction parking areas all the time and I have never heard of a problem. If you have a concern take a bike lock with you and lock the wheel to the frame.

We may still be there in April, We look forward to seeing you.
I will keep my fingers crossed for you and your hubby. If you are staying at a Disney Resort, each of the resorts has wheelchairs on property in guest services for their guest. It is first come first service so I would check into the wheelchairs soon as you arrive on property.

I've reserved ECVs (the motorized scooters) from Walker Mobility . It sounds like they're similar to the company that Bert uses - they drop off and pick up from any resort, and also have non-motorized wheelchairs. They will offer a discount if you book for 7 days or more.

You may also want to get a Guest Assistance Card from Guest Services at the park. One of my clients who recently had surgery (and thought she would have trouble being on her feet all day) got one and said they were able to get FastPasses at all the rides and shows that had large crowds. They didn't even ask her why she needed the card.

Good luck! :)

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