ok so i'm doing some park hopping on my trip at the end of the month and was just wondering...how long should i allow for travel between parks? like for instance, leaving MGM and going to MAGIC KINGDOM or vice versa? or say EPCOT to MAGIC KINGDOM? or MAGIC KINGDOM to the contemporary resort?

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Between parks you should allow for at least an hour to ninty minutes when using Disney Transportation, Add 20 mins to and from Animal Kingdom since it's way out on the edge of the property. If your Going between Epcot and DHS I would suggest using the walkway as it takes a about 20-30 minutes between the International gateway entrance and the front of DHS at a brisk pace or you can use the boat transport. (Slower but much easier on the feet!)

Rental car can be faster if your familiar with the property but if you misplace your car it can take much much longer (particularly if you have a white rental car like 99% of the others in the lot..trust me on this one!) I for one enjoy not having to drive when I go down to WDW!
wow that's quite a diff in opinion as to the time needed. the reason i ask is cause i'm hopping to go see firework shows and/or parades. so i guess i should leave at min one hour before then right? and jiminy...hahah i know it changed over last year but to me it's still MGM....i don't care what the signs say :P
well that's what i thought. i have been there before but it's been a while (5 years ago) and last time we had like 12 days there so we didn't really need to do any park hopping. this trip we're only there 7 days so we need to do some cause of the reduced showings for parades and firework shows so i find ourselves hopping like 3 times i think. and i'm glad to know that i'm not the only one who still calls it MGM ;)
Jiminy Cricket said:
Well quite frankly Tam, anyone that takes over an hour to get between parks is doing something desperately wrong. The transportation system is fantastic at WDW.....you just have to know how to use it. It has NEVER taken us more than 20-30 min (including wait time) to get to any park no matter where or how.....
If you are going from the Polynesian to Epcot do you have to transfer monorails?
Unfortunately you would have to transfer monorails if going to Epcot from the Polynesian. I believe you transfer at the Transporation center - I think that's the only spot.

Also, if you are going from park to park for a parade or something at a specific time, give yourself plenty of time. I usually like to camp out for decent seats about an hour ahead, so I'd say 90 minutes should be plenty. Otherwise, I'd allow about 30 minutes to get from place to place.

GreatBigBeautifulTomorrow1120 said:
If you are going from the Polynesian to Epcot do you have to transfer monorails?

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