Well...just that. What things do you say/do/collect that make you a fanatic?
Do you still have the 1st Mickey Mouse plush you ever got? <-me
Do you think in Disney?<-me
Do you go through withdrawl if you are away from WDW or DL for too long?<-me!

So nerds and nerdettes...what makes you a nerd?

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I have a cd in may car of whatever random attraction songs I was able to find on i-tunes. My general ringtone for my phone is "There's a great big beautiful tomorrow" and my ringotne for work, which is the disney store, is "Come along and sing a song and join our jamboree, m-i-c-k-e-y m-o-u-s-e"

I think that says it all for me :)
A lot of things went through my mind but I don't want to write a long list of stuff so I can sum it up in this pretty nicely I believe:

When I had my orientation day at MK, I already knew EVERYTHING they told us but I still had fun. In fact I corrected our teacher once. And I could teach that day with no training (not saying it is an easy job so I don't mean to insult people who do it, I just honestly think I could...I am a huge nerd what can I say?). And my first trainer in Fantasyland (my first Disney job) was shocked that I knew some of the things he was teaching us...like what a protein spill is... lol!

I am a Disney theme park nerd, I am not really a Disney everything else nerd. I do love the old animation though-classic B&W Mickeys and Oswalds for example, and things like that.
Me entire sitting room is devoted to all my favorite Disney characters. There are big figs placed around the perimeter of the room, Marie Osmond disney dolls, pooh mini bean bag plush fill about 4 bins, a replica of mary poppins umbrella leaning against one wall, haunted mansion stretching poster replicas on the wall, sericels lining the stairwell, disney magnets on the refrigerator, my cell phone has disney wallpaper, my ringtone is getcha head in the game(for my friends) and poor unfortunate souls for those I don't recognize, almost all my summer t-shirts are disney, my jewelry box is a replica of the Cinderella storybook that opens at the beginning of the film, my old disney store sweater and shorts and my new disney store red shirt are hanging against the wall, all my disney store tigger pins and achievement pins are in my curio, everything ever made in the likeness of scrooge mcduck is in my curio(armani, disney dollars, disney auction pins, starlite piece, etc), and a knitted pillow sign hangs on my bedroom doorknob of cinderella sleeping on a royal chair and reads the Princess Sleeps Here. There's more, but I think it would take the rest of the year to explain my dis-nerdom in it's entirety. LOL
my wife's ring tone is the beginning of Fantasmic on my phone,
I used to work at the Disney Store,
I am having Disneyland withdrawals now that I dont live close enough to drive...
I listen to Disney Music often...
I watch Disney Movies as much as possible...

and I have 10 (so far) Disney tattoos.
I meant to say my entire, not me!! Lol I hate typosss!! Lol
I can be called a Disney nerd, in my room I have some Disney Jim Shore figurines on the shelfs and of course of the Disney films, my mouse pad at work is a Mickey one, I do have a lot of Disneyland pens on my desk at home and also i started to build some of Disneyland attractions models, like the Haunted Mansion, it's a small world, Sleeping Beauty castle, the Matterhorn,and Main Street train Station ( you can see some of them in my page here in Disfriends) I have a huge Disneyland map on the wall and some Disneyland memorabilia that my dad had save, like I have one of the Disneyland 1976 brochure that announces the opening of the first Space Mountain and also some of the original A.B.C,D and E tickets
Amanda said:
I am a Disney nerd because most of the photos in my photostream at flickr are of Disney World. I collect Disney pins. My idea of a great day is at Disney World. I completely neglect my personal blog but my Disney blog and Disney Pin blog are always up to date. I think Florida rodes are nothing but Mickey Ears (round and round we go).

I love the Florida Roads bit - i know exactly what you mean :P
what makes me a Nerd????? i have 25 CDs of background music and live rides from the parks. I have over 3000 photos that i have taken. i have pins, books, screensavers, key chains, offical CDs and DVDs - pretty much everything that you can get from the park. But the one thing that i cherrish the most is my memories of WDW! :D
I LOVE the things that unite us as Disney Nerds! LOL! I love the music especially from the parks, attractions, fireworks...
It's so fun to read all the posts! =)
Between my husband & I we have around 50 Disney watches.
We know the words to "How Do You Do" (Splash Mtn. song).
I look for hidden mickeys other than DL & WDW.
Our bookshelfs' top row is filled with books related to Disney.
You tube is fun to look at the rides that we're fond of.
At work & home I look at the webcam from HOJO Anaheim.
My Disney bookmarks on my computer is rapidly growing!
I have collected anything that I can find that is Disney merchandise. I have a Donald Duck bobblehead in my car, I have two collections of DVDs in tin containers called Walt Disney Treasures. One is The Chronological Donald, which is a bunch of Donald shorts that were from 1934 to 1941. The other one is The Adventures of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, which has 13 Oswald shorts. My ringtone is The Circle Of Life, I have a miniature statue of Mickey Mouse, my car has a Mickey Mouse steering wheel cover, and two Mickey Mouse floormats. My desktop background is of Bolt, my cell phone bakground is of Simba. Most of the songs on my Mp3 player are of Disney songs, and I have a Goofy phone that isn't plugged in.
I am a Disnerd mostly because of my random bits of Disney knowledge, my ability to memorize a Disney film in spite of my awful memory for the more useful bits of knowledge, all of which was cemented the first time I visited Disneyland and then participation in the WDW College Program. And with the internet, my nerdom went craaazy since I can read innumerable articles about Disney, watch videos, and join sites like this one. I also have a number of plushes and an ever-expanding Disney DVD collection. More than any of this, what makes me a Disnerd is how much I like the Disney Company and the values it stands for, not to mention that I decided I was going to make a career within the Disney Co when I was eight and how strongly I am pursuing that dream today!


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