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WIN a Disney World Vacation

Enter to win the Pixie Vacations Making Magical Memories Disney World Sweepstakes – win a Four Day, Three Night stay at the Walt Disney World Resort with Four Days of Disney Park Admission for up to four adults, plus the Disney Dining Plan. It’s very easy to enter. Fill out the entry form below.  Also be sure to take advantage of the latest Disney Vacation offers here at Pixie Vacations. If you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and…


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2013 Disney World Packages

Disney World Vacation Packages for 2013 travel dates have been released at Pixie Vacations.

Visit the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival, Go to Disney World for Spring Break, Dine at the International Food and Wine Festival, Celebrate the 4th of July or enjoy Star Wars Weekends with one of these vacation packages.

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More French names of popular Disney characters

Aladdin: Aladdin
Alice in Wonderland: Alice au pays des merveilles
Ariel, the Little Mermaid: Ariel, la petite sirène
Baloo: Baloo
Bambi: Bambi
Big Bad Wolf: Le Grand Méchant Loup
Bolt: Volt
Buzz Lightyear: Buzz l'Éclair
Cinderella: Cendrillon
Dumbo: Dumbo
Genie: Le Génie
Jiminy Cricket:…

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French names of popular Disney characters

I found this list of the names given to some of the most popular Disney characters in French. Some of these names are radically different from their English ones. This list is useful to anyone planning to visit Disneyland Paris, and wants to address these characters by their French names.

April, May, and June: Lili, Lulu et Zizi…


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Surviving the heat at Disney World Parks

The heat at Disney world can be the worst.......!  The best techniques that I have found are going in the parks as earlier as you can.  Eat an earlier lunch before the crowds get bad.. and don't forget to take of plenty of water.  I like to freeze mine the night before.  In the heat of day is the time to do the inside shows such as The Hall of Presidents.   The wet rides are the best but don't forget to get you FASPASS. … Continue

Added by Debbie Daniels on June 7, 2011 at 5:31pm — 2 Comments

Going to Disneyland Paris next week

I will be reporting back from Disneyland Paris in a few days for most of the month.

You can listen in atwww.MouseChat.net


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Happy Easter.

Hello my good DisFriends. I don't know if I'll be online on easter day but I would like to wish everyone an Happy Easter 2011!!!!



Added by DisneyGirl3696 on April 23, 2011 at 9:03pm — No Comments

New Disney Ports Announced :)



New Disney Itineraries and Ports for 2012 For the first time ever,Disney Cruise Line will set sail from three new ports in 2012 – New York, Seattle and Galveston



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Must do's for a 2 year old?

I need some suggestions of must do rides & attractions for an (almost) 2 year old...



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Buying Tickets

I'm planning on going to Disney World in about a month and need some information on the best way to buy tickets...



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TwitPics Live From WDW!

We'll be leaving tomorrow for our Flower & Garden Festival/ESPN The Weekend trip (yay!) and if anyone is interested I'll be updating pictures via Twitter.  I'll be sending lots of pictures "live" while we're there.  Just go to:



I'll be back late next week with pictures and a trip report too!


Have a great week!

Added by stitchcrazy on March 3, 2011 at 11:24am — No Comments

Behind the Seeds Tour Instructions?

Hi All!

   On my honeymoon we went on the Behind the Seeds tour and we received the instructions to start a hydroponic garden. I know I put them "somewhere I wouldn't lose them" but.... I LOST THEM! Does anyone have them that they could scan and send me our could type out and send me? I will be forever grateful!!


If not, does anyone know if when I am in the Land pavilion if I could go up to the info desk there and get one?



Added by GreatBigBeautifulTomorrow1120 on February 17, 2011 at 11:11am — 4 Comments

Happy Valentine's Day

I wanna wish all my DisFriends a great and happy Valentine's Day from DisneyGirl3696



Added by DisneyGirl3696 on February 14, 2011 at 4:33pm — 2 Comments

Hi my Disney Friends!

I just found this site and am so excited! Still trying to figure out how to use it though :)

I have a Disney blog that I started, its new so please bare with me :) I would love for all of you to add and follow me, Im going to try and update it weekly.

Its mydisneycastle.blogspot.com 

Can't wait to chat with you guys, after all Disney friends are best!!

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Outside the Parks

Sometimes when you hear Disney World, all you think of are the parks. However, there is so much more to do and enjoy at Disney World than just the parks. Recently we went to “the world” and never went near the parks. What did we do? We went to Downtown Disney for dinner and a Characters in Flight balloon ride!

We've tried to take this balloon ride a number of times, but each time we were not successful for various reasons. The balloon pilots have very strict guidelines, including… Continue

Added by disneyholic1977 on January 29, 2011 at 11:54am — 1 Comment

Passing along info i found out about the Disney Wonder cruises to Mexico....

hey everyone,


I dont know if you have heard or seen but for anyone who might have booked or is going to book a cruise on the wonder, they are no longer going to be stopping in Mazatlan instead they are doing a extra day in Cabo. My friend who is a castmember found this out and went ahead and let me know. So i am now letting you know!

Added by brandi cooke on January 25, 2011 at 12:48am — No Comments


Its finally here! The brand new show at MK, They really outdone themselves this time. This show is GORGEOUS, I got all emotional. Its so great..I hope they continue this as a year round thing. Enjoy!





Added by Nacheska Tirado on January 23, 2011 at 11:30am — 3 Comments

4 Months Doesn't Seem Long Enough Now!!

I booked my 2011 WDW vacation back in October, and the entire time I have been making plans in one way or another (you all know how it is....you are constantly planning somehow!). I kept telling myself to slow down, don't start buying items for the kids' Goody Bags til after Christmas. I still bought several things that are strictly trip related, but I've held off on most of the items and hard core planning til this month. I have 4 months (and 1 week and 6 days...) until our trip but…


Added by Shandale on January 16, 2011 at 11:18am — 2 Comments


DisFriend Jeff from WV had a great suggestion that we try and revive the themed journals we used to do here on DisFriends.  I think its a great idea!  Unfortunately we can't update the quick link on the side of the page but that doesn't mean we can't bring em back.


For anyone new to the "game" a themed journal entry is when everyone writes about one topic so we can all share ideas about a common theme.


First up!  Disney books?  What's your favorite? …


Added by stitchcrazy on January 14, 2011 at 3:05pm — 2 Comments

i am excited to see the new ship the Dream.....

Next wed they are doing the christening of the ship and they are showing it on the facebook page at 730AM my time and i am going to be sure to be up so i can watch it. I have seen pix that someone was able to share and all i can say is WOW! the ship is BEAUTIFUL( of course it would be)! I cant wait to be able to actually go on it, even though the cruises are only for 3 days. and i cant wait until we can see what the Fantasy is going to look like too, but we have awhile for that. Oh and if…


Added by brandi cooke on January 14, 2011 at 1:55am — 4 Comments

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