DisFriend Jeff from WV had a great suggestion that we try and revive the themed journals we used to do here on DisFriends.  I think its a great idea!  Unfortunately we can't update the quick link on the side of the page but that doesn't mean we can't bring em back.


For anyone new to the "game" a themed journal entry is when everyone writes about one topic so we can all share ideas about a common theme.


First up!  Disney books?  What's your favorite?  Why?


My favorite Disney books are probably a tie between two more recent series.  The Kingdom Keepers series and the Peter And The Star Catchers series.  Both are written by Ridley Pearson and Dave Barry cowrites the Peter & Starcatchers books.


Kingdom Keepers follows a group of middle school children who have been chosen to be the models for digital image hosts that are projected into the Disney parks as tour guides.  Without giving anything away of course magic ensues and good and evil have some epic confrontations.  :)  I love these books because they take place in the Disney parks and it is so fun to imagine all the events taking place in the locations I know so well.  Its made my trips to the parks more fun too as now I think of certain places specifically being connected to the events in the books.  And most fun of all - the kids are in the parks normally at night after they close - and I mean come on!  Who wouldn't want to have the parks to themselves after dark!  Although they aren't normally there to have a fun time...but its still quite fun to think of what it would be like.


The Peter And The Starcatchers are an expanded version of the Peter Pan tale and is a prequel to the events we all know and love.  I love these books because they totally open up the traditional Peter Pan mythology to new storylines and new events but at the same time hold true to what you know and love about Peter.  The best part of these books is the sense of adventure they bring and I think its very hard these days to find something that has that same spirit of adventure.


While both these series are geared towards younger readers I think any adult (especially a Disney fan) can find them just as enjoyable as I have.  While I do not believe any additional Starcatchers books are due out there is a 4th Kingdom Keepers book coming out in April (YAY!) and I just learned it is meant to be a TEN book series all together.  (SUPER YAY!)


Looking foward to hearing about what Disney books my fellow DisFriends enjoy!  :)

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Comment by Jeff From WV on January 14, 2011 at 3:36pm

I LOVE IT!  The Themed Journal's retuns!  And I get to hear another Disney fan talking up two series that I also love, the Kingdom Keepers and Peter and the Starcatchers!!!!  Seriously people, if you haven't read these yet, you HAVE TO GET THEM!


Awesome post, Stitchcrazy!



Comment by brandi cooke on January 15, 2011 at 12:33am
Oh i LOVE the Kingdom Keepers series too! Once i start reading i just cant put them down until i am done. Before the 3rd one came out i read the first two in one night and then i read the 3rd one that day i got it, lol then i started all over and read from cover to cover first book to 3rd book. I am sooo looking forward to all the other books that are coming out!!


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